Male Redstart, Llandre

Male Redstart

Let me tell you about Big Bertha....

Big Bertha is a new addition to my lens collection. She has her own rucksack and I have a new truss too. She is heavy but has a great zoom range (300-800mm) and in the right conditions gives a cracking photograph. Sarah and I usually walk around the village of an evening and in Spring we noticed a pair of redstarts landing on a wooden fence, calling and then flying across the lane to a hole in the churchyard wall. Inside were 4 redstart chicks. It is quite addictive to watch the birds return regularly with a beakful of insects to feed the young.

By setting up Big Bertha across the lane, prefocussed on the nest area and triggering the shutter with a wireless remote I was able to get some half decent shots of the adults coming and going (and some great shots of them perching).

Hopefully they will nest here agian next Spring and I can get some better shots - maybe with a bit of wireless flash?