Cwmtudu (7228)

A view of the small island just north of Cwmtudu. A beautiful spot on the Ceredigion Coastal Path and usually surprisingly quiet given it's appearance. A path leads down to a small beach area that circles the island itself. This particular photograph was taken in July 2008. My wife and I were walking the length of the path (in stages, we're not that fit!) and arrived at this spot on a lovely, warm summer's day. The kissing gate is part of the path and through various contortions I was able to get the tripod into the right position to use the gate in the forground - it seems to invite you into the scene. We visit this area quite often (Sarah paints in the area) so I knew what I could expect on a good day. In September this year we went back to Cwmtudu several times to see a seal pup on the shore and later swimming in the sea. It's always a pleasure to be out on the path and Cwmtudu is one of our favourite locations. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.