Abersytwyth from Constitution Hill at Sunset (6144)

I have been going crazy over the last few weeks. I go to work and (from time to time) the sun shines. I have a weekend off and it rains and rains and rains. I know we expect rain in Mid Wales occasionally but this is ridiculous. Today (Saturday 29th November 2009) it was dry. My wife and I went for an inland walk - very overcast and very cold; I can do cold but only if there is blue sky (and a few well placed clouds of course). Good walk but no photographs. Then this afternoon (when the forecast says it will be raining) - a strange, bright ball of fire appears in the sky. It was the sun. Camera gear packed into car and we set off for Borth before realising that town might be a better bet. It was. This photograph shows the setting sun with beautiful, golden reflections from the waves and those all important underlit clouds against a blue sky. Finally it all comes together and I go home a happy little boy.