Aberdovey Sunset

Aberdovey Sunset (6338)

At last we have had a good weekend of weather; cold but dry. I can do cold and dry but I am not very good at wet - whether that is with cold or with warmth. Visited the Wood of the Waterfalls in Powys (see photographs in Powys gallery) and then went to Dolgoch and home via Aberdovey. The sunset in Aberdovey was magnificent; plenty of colour, lovely, calm pools to reflect the sky. The only feature lacking was some foreground interest. Fortunately I had brought along my favourite model and foreground interest extraordinaire. Sarah kindly stood at the tip of a rapidly diminishing sand bank whilst I worked the camera as it slowly sank into the equally rapidly liqufying sand. A one half second exposure at f11 (100 ISO) with my trusty (and not yet rusty) wide angle lens and the picture was in the bag. As a reward for her diligent posing skills I bought Sarah what was described as "the best BLT sandwich in the world" (my generosity is truly boundless) at a wonderful little bistro in Aberdovey (The Medina - highly recommended). The colours persisted in the sky for a while as we drove home. All in all a perfect weekend. Will we get any more this year?