New Year's Day!

Westward View from the Wind Farm at Bont Goch (6375)

New Year's Day 2010. Feeling a little the worse for having stayed up too late and (maybe) drunk too much. A walk around the local lanes helped in the morning but the prosepect of the full moon lit by the setting sun was too much to ignore. We walked up to the turbines (4 of us - well done mum!) and whilst the ladies warmed themselves with a thermos of mulled wine I set about the picture taking conscious of the incoming clouds and disappointed by the cloud cover concealing the full moon - you can't have it all. To the north and the east the snow lay over the hill tops while to the west sun beams illuminated the coastal area. A few photographs later I rejoined the intrepid explorers to find the mulled wine had been finished but the hot Ribena was all mine; such are the trials and tribulations of trying to get a worthwhile photograph. It snowed on the way back to the car.