The Jetty, Aberystwyth

The Jetty, Aberystwyth (7070)

I have bought myself a new toy. It is a 10 stop neutral filter. It may not sound exciting to you (or indeed to anyone else I have told) but to me it is wonderful. Today was unexpectedly good weather-wise so I persuaded Sarah to come with me to the seafront. The photograph shown here was taken at sunset from the jetty in Aberystwyth. Having waited (im)patiently for the jetty to clear of people I set up the tripod, composed the view and then took an exposure reading at f16. The filter was screwed in place (at which point the viewfinder is completely dark) and I added a graduated filter to balance the sky. I then recalculated the exposure which was now a whopping 200 seconds and tripped the shutter with a cable remote release. The long exposure has allowed cloud movement to be shown and the sea has been smoothed completely. It is an interesting experience to wait for over three minutes to get the photograph but well worth it in my view. Afterwards we ambled off for a slap up meal of fish and chips. I know; I spoil her - but she is worth it.