Submerged Forest, Borth

Submerged Forest, Borth (9229)

The submerged forest at Borth is an old favourite haunt of mine. The beach never fails to amaze me at low tide because it always looks different; a bit more exposed here a little less there. Magic. On this occasion (Sunday 14th March, 2010) the tide was out and the sand had been scooped out from the middle part of the beach and dumped up higher to cover a lot of the leading edges of the breakwaters. A large tract of the submerged forest was on view - more than I have seen before. I needed to get a good composition before the sea returned to reclaim the forest. After a few trial runs I opted for a low view of the stumps looking towards Ynyslas. I used a 10 stop filter to help smooth out the ripples on the pools and give a glassy reflection. 30 seconds later (f14) and the job was done. Because it was a fine day Sarah had decided to walk to the beach so I was (almost) done when she arrived. "Tell me" she said, "did that microlight land there or crash?". "What microlight?" I said turning to see a large structure wedged into the beach behind me. I think she feels that I get over-immersed in taking photographs...?