The Pier

The Pier (7326)

I was on the seafront planning to take photographs of the swooping, flocking starlings (again) but whilst waiting couldn't resist taking out my trusty 10 stop filter and lining up a photograph of the pier in Aberystwyth as seen from the jetty. The 10 stop filter allows very long exposures to be recorded and this reveals movement within the frame. In particular clouds take on a blur to reflect their path across the sky and the sea is smoothed to a glassy plane as the rise and fall of the waves is averaged out. Many of these photographs work best in black and white - others in colour. This particular image required a shutter speed of 135 seconds (2minutes, 15 seconds) at f14, ISO 100. I can't recall if the starlings put on a performance that evening (early March 2010) but I was pleased with this shot. I think I was on my own too so probably had a sneaky bag of chips whilst Sarah wasn't watching...