Talley Abbey

Talley Abbey, Carmarthen (0485)

Just back from a wonderful short break in the wilds of Carmarthenshire. At short notice Sarah and I booked to go to Dynefwr to watch the badgers - which we did on the Saturday night. It was a fantastic experience. The hide overlooked a woodland glade. To the left of the hide was a fallen tree with the roots up close to the hide and in front of us a series of holes that were the badger's set. We sat and waited. The guide had scattered peanuts and some seed around to entice the local wildlife and we were not disappointed. First off were a series of birds - Jays, Nuthatch, Coal Tit and others taking advantage of free food. A few rabbits scampered across the clearing as we waited. Then at about 2015 a badger appeared. Having not seen badgers in the wild before I was transfixed. Over the next couple of hours we saw 4 badgers, a fallow deer, more rabbits and a bank vole (in the roots close to the hide). A magical evening which was improved only by the company (Sarah) and a single malt to end the day. On our way back the next day, we stopped off at Paxton Tower and then had a walk around the grounds of Dynefwr taking in the castle and the church. A quick stop at the coffee shop for a coffee and a scone with clotted cream ( a cholesterol bomb if ever I saw one but manfully finished it off...). We returned via Talley to see the Abbey. The weather was now superb (as opposed to Saturday) and the photograph here shows Talley Abbey with a fantastic cloud formation mirrored by the shadows of the trees on the ground. Other photographs (Paxton Tower and Dynefwr Castle) are in the Carmarthenshire'gallery with some badger and vole shots in the 'flora and fauna' gallery. A great weekend away.