Lion, Kenya

Lion, Kenya (7608)

My wife and I are just back from a fantastic safari holiday in Kenya. We have been on safari before and this time chose to spend most of the time in tented bush camps; as it turns out this was the best idea we have had for a while - we had a wonderful time. We started in the Ol Pejeta conservancy. We had a great three days of game drives including evening and night drives with excellent views of lion, cheetah, zebra (including the rare Grevy's zebra) and (southern white) rhinocerous (our first close up viewings). Evenings were spent swapping stories with other guests and planning the next day's drives. We then went on to Meru national park and Elsa's Kopje. We were driven there by Alex Hunter one of the owners of Ol Pejeta Bush Camp. If you know or read anything about Kenyan safari/hunting history the name "Hunter" is somewaht famous. We had a great drive and saw the other side of Kenya in the street life etc. In Meru we had three nights of lodge luxury (we missed the evenings round the fire though) and saw plenty of game especially birds. The lodge was home to hyrax (great fun) and amazing agama lizards (blue and red). We then went on to Elephant Pepper in the Mara for 4 nights. Here we had chosen to spend two days at the river Mara to see some of the crossings which form part of the Great Migration. We were not disappointed in the Mara and saw a wide selection of game and were lucky enough to see some crossings and also saw a zebra caught by a crocodile - it escaped but I imagine that it did not fare well. Anyway, enough of the waffle. This photograph is of a lion. We saw this fellow up close (too close for Sarah) and also saw him hunting and catching a wildebeest (with lionesses). So many photographs to sort through and Sarah is delighted that an email from Ol Pejeta states that we are remembered and that she was the "very patient one". I can sense that I am in big trouble...