Sulphur Tufts

Sulphur Tuft (3924)

Autumn is here again and with the shortening days and the damper conditions the time is right (and ripe) to look for fungi in the woodlands. We (Sarah and I) were lucky enough recently to find a tree stump in the middle of a woodland stream that was covered by a wide variety of fungi (a fungopolis as I called it). Beautiful. I took great care to select a stout branch before heading down the slope to the stream, negotiated the water before finding a decent spot by the display. Took several photographs depicting the whole display and then some more detailed shots (like this one). Carefully packing up my gear I used my trusty branch to support my ascent of the muddy slope. As I reached the top Sarah held out her hand and I gallantly offered the foetid end of the stick which, to her great credit, she grasped and helped me back to the path.

Still not speaking to me though...

This is I believe, a small group of Sulphur tufts but if anyone know different please correct me!