Natural History Museum, London

tural History Museum

Just back from London. Myself and Sarah took a long weekend to visit the big city (a little busier than Aberystwyth and contrary to popular belief, the streets were not paved with gold - we looked a little foolish with swag bags searching the streets...). But we did see the sights including natural history museum (as pictured here), Kew, St Pauls (no photography inside...) and the British Museum. Oh, and of course we went to the BWPA at the Mall Galleries - a great time and thanks to all the organisers at BWPA and the gallery who put on such a wonderful exhibition and occasion. The exhibition was simply stunning - all of the prints were fantastic and if you get the chance to see the show on it's travels - go for it! We celebrated afterwards with a martini at a cellar bar called the Dirty Martini - very nice! Then with her eyes welling up Sarah offered to repay those bags of chips I had bought her. I said "Yes!" and we had a lovely meal (better than chips) before heading back to our hotel.