View from the Boat Ramp, Borth (2324)

Borth. You either love it or hate it. I love it. It happens to lie only a few miles away from where I live and that makes it accessible on those days when everything comes together - the state of the tide, the setting of the sun and the lack of rain but presence of enough clouds to reflect the golden sunset. I am often down at the beach just waiting to see if it all comes together (mainly the clouds - tide and sunset tables and a look out of my kitchen window tell me the rest). On this occassion (May 2009) it did. The waves were just lapping up to the boat ramp gaving it a wet, reflective sheen that mirrors the red and orange clouds lying north over Ynyslas and beyond. A slow shutter speed (3.2 seconds) has smoothed the tide and a small aperture helps to keep it all sharp. I used a polariser - both to extend the shutter speed and (mainly) to enhance the wonderful colours in the sky. All done by about half past eight and if I remeber rightly, a bag of chips sitting on the beach afterwards. Sometimes it just doesn't get any better...