Falls at Devil's Bridge

Falls at Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion (2849)

Devil's Bridge is a wonderfully evocative place to visit. On either side of the bridge are waterfalls. There are actually three bridges built one on top of the other. The longer trip (opposite the hotel) takes you down to the lower reaches of the water (via some steep and scary steps known as Jacob's Ladder) and then back up to the roadside. Halfway down is a newly built shelter with excellent views back to the falls themselves. The whole cascade can be seen from here but for this photograph I chose to isolate the middle section where a pool is formed with water flowing in and out. Over the pool hangs this tree which I couldn't resist in the warm light which showed off the golden leaves of autumn. My wife and I had to make a second trip to get the right light for photograph. This was taken on the 17th October, 2009 just before noon. I used a Canon 40D with Sigma 18-200mm lens at 134mm, f36. This (together with a circular polarising filter) gave me a 4 second exposure which has blurred the moving water to the level I wanted. The wider view of this scene (ref 2853 in the Ceredigion gallery) includes foreground leaves glowing in the sunlight. Alltogether an unexpectedly beautiful day for the middle of October!