Mountain Gorilla, Uganda

Mountain Gorilla, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla trekking. Where to go? Rwanda? Congo or Uganda? The small mountain/volcanic range shared between these three countries is home to all of the world's mountain gorillas and Uganda is home to more then half of them. We planned our trip and took in several other sites in Queen Elizabeth national Park and Lake Mburo National Park but the focal point of the trip was Bwindi Impenetrable forest. A magical place. Mist covered slopes; daily thunder storms lasting half an hour and then dry again; humid green, green plants and trees. We took two trips to see the gorillas. The first was a very short 30 minute walk along an established track before heading off into the forest for a few hundred yards and meeting the gorilla family thre. Our first contact and one that will stay with us forever. These primates are placid, gentle and curious. Watching them eat and move and groom was an experience to be savoured. We spent around an hour with this group. The next day we paid for our previous stroll with a 2 hour up-hill slog through the rain forest. But is was worth it again. Exceptional views of the family (a different one) with really good encounter with the silverback. Time passes too quickly at moments like these and all too soon we were on our way back down. More photographs of the mountain gorillas are in the Ugandan Mountain Gorilla gallery - enjoy.