Dipper Chick, Tintagel

Dipper chick, near Tintagel

Sarah and I headed off to Cornwall for a week in the Duchess (the campervan) in May this year. The first couple of days were wet but we had a great time there with a camping spot right on the coastal path. On one of our first walks we found a narrow gorge with a river running through it (Rocky valley) close to the site. On this first trip I said "This looks like dipper territory" - as I always do if there is a bit of water with a hint of movement to it.
I was actually right though and we saw a dipper from the bridge and it was diving into the fast, clear waters so we had a great view of it. We also noticed that it was not alone and had two chicks in tow - both of whom were calling for their share of the catch. I returned on a regular basis to the river carrying Big Bertha with me (Sigma 300-800 lens for those new to this section) to capture some of the action. The best views were on a drizzly day with little sun (so high ISO and relatively low shutter speed to try and get the best quality. This photograph was 1/500 sec at f5.6 with an ISO of 2500. I had a bin bag to keep the lens and camera dry - you can see the rain in the photo. All in all, a wonderful break.