Feeding on the wing

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Feeding on the wing

Another trip to Nantyarian to see the kites being fed. Sarah and I had been a couple of times recently when there had been a "poor show". On this visit though it all came together and there were a multitude of birds putting on a great display.
I had decided in advance to try specifically for birds feeding on the wing or kites flying straight at me across the water. I picked a slightly different place to stand whilst Sarah arranged herself decorously on the bench.
Once the birds get going it is hard work to try and pick out the action that you are after but I was quite pleased with a few shots. This is one of three of this bird feeding on the wing and they look good together as a triptych. Sigma 300mm f2.8 lens on my 7D. ISO was set at 400, 1/1250 second at f5.0. Afterwards we had a cup of coffee and I had a piece of cherry shortbread - offered two bites to Sarah and she took all the cherries. Still as penance she has made her own cherry shortbread and it is divine so I shall let her off.