Seal Pups, Pembrokeshire

Our annual pilgrimage to Pembrokeshire to see the seal pups. A little later than usual this year but Sarah and I loaded up the Duchess and headed off south. We went to Deer Park and walked around the cliff edge. There were seals everywhere (we later walked to St Marloes and we think there must have been around 30 seal pups that we could see). The pups were a little older tahn we had seen before and were unattended most of the time. We did however, see a new born pup (we must have missed the birth by minutes) - there are a couple of photographs in the Wildlife/Hunters gallery if you want to see. This seal is starting to lose it's all white coat and stands out nicely against the algae covered rocks. As always - a great day out and we also saw chough and a kestrel close up too. After our efforts we headed off for a meal at the pub in Dale (great food, great chips) and then back to the site. That's when we found out that the leisure battery in the van was not working and we had no heating. We survived on gin; when times are tough you just have to tough it out...

The next photograph is by Sarah and shows me with my little camera photographing the kestrel on the cliffs.