Goodbye Big Bertha, hello Blondie

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(C) Phil Jones
The bullet has been bitten. I have been trying to get hold of a Canon 500mm f4 lens secondhand for a while and failed miserably. So, I have traded in Big Bertha and a couple of other gizmo's against a mkII 500mm f4. She has been christened "Blondie" because she is white and (awful pun warning) has a heart of glass....

OK, my apologies for that but Blondie she will remain. Sarah and I took her to the red kite feeding at Nant yr Arian this afternoon and she performed beautifully (Blondie that; is though in fairness Sarah was well behaved too). Very sharp images and great stabilisation as one would expect. A happy boy. This is one of the photographs from today. Cropped a little but no other major Lightroom input.

I shall miss B.B. though - an excellent lens with a great zoom range and she even came to Uganda with us so she had a good run.

Sarah is delighted with the new lens too - much lighter for her to carry...