Red Kite, Nant yr Arian

Another trip to see the kites at Nant yr Arian - a beautiful day with mainly clear skies. The kites were out in force today and the leucistic kite was clearly visible most of the time. I have been trying to get a good shot of a kite feeding on the wing - have had some reasonable success but not yet had the shot that jumps out of the screen, grabs you by the eyeballs and shouts out "this is the one!". I shall keep trying. It is always worth watching the kites for a while to try and see how they behave and then position yourself to get the best quality of light on them. If they are too backlit or sidelit then a silhouette is exposed rather than the golden glow of those feathers (usually not what you want). Blondie got a run out again for this shoot. Very impressive piece of kit indeed. I picked this photo from the afternoon for the clarity of colour over the bird's back and wings, lovely clear eye with a small glint of light to set the picture off.

Can't decide whether I prefer Gigrin or Nant yr Arian - no doubt that there are more birds at Gigrin giving more opportunity for interaction (fighting) but then maybe too many to isolate the action and the surroundings are more picturesque at Nant yr Arian. Elevated position in the hide at Gigrin (good) versus the water (reflections, underlighting and interactions) at Nant yr Arian. Too much choice!