Red Kites, Nant yr Arian

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Kite spat, Nant yr Arian
OK. The plan was a trip to Nant yr Arian to photograph the kites (again, as Sarah reminded me). I set up shop by the water's edge whilst Sarah went for a walk. Sky grew greyer, ISO went up, rain came down and I headed for the cafe. Waited out the hail/sleet that poured down for half an hour or so and then headed back to my chosen place. Sky a bit lighter, ISO a little lower but still poor conditions. Just before feeding time Sarah reappeared; bedraggled (I think this is the first time I have used the word bedraggled in this phlog but it is certainly the right term). Lots of birds put in an appearance, lots of spats in the sky so an excellent show again but shooting conditions not up to scratch. This photograph is one of a spat between two kites with a crow minding it's own business in the background. I owe Sarah a (very) large G&T...