Red Rain

(with apologies to Peter Gabriel).
Beautiful start to the day and a trip to Gilfach (no salmon - I suspect we have missed them all this year) followed by a visit to see the kites at Nant yr Arian. By the time winter feeding is due to start the weather has changed and it is now raining. A large number of kites are present and it promises to be a good show. I like this shot from today - a red kite perched in the tree line, the rain coming down and his high, pitched call echoing around the woods.

I also learnt something new today. When your wife says "Your camera is getting wet" what she actually means is "I am getting wet. Take me home." Others may benefit from this pearl of wisdom...

Canon 7D, 500m f4 MkII plus 2x teleconverter, ISO 800, f8, 1/200, tripod and remote release