A Bow Street Buzzard

Something bizarre happened earlier today; the wet stuff stopped falling from the sky albeit briefly and myself and Sarah headed out. We went to Nant yr Arian because I had a particular kite shot in mind. Sarah headed off for a walk and I immersed myself in greenery waiting for the kites to do their bit. I waited and I waited. The charcoal handwarmer that Sarah assured me was working fine was getting cold enough to suggest that it was not working fine - but possibly better than the petrol powered ones that so far simply refuse to ignite in any way at all (if anyone has one and knows how to make them work please email me). I waited a little longer and then a lot longer and then finally gave up on the plan and started packing my kit up. Sarah found me and was ecstatic about the heat coming from her hand warmer. I was thrilled for her as you can imagine and borrowed it briefly to thaw my hand from the tripod. On the way back tired (both of us) and frostbitten (one of us) we saw a buzzard perched on a fence post by the side of the road near Bow Street. We often see them here but not as close as this. We changed driving seats (parked up to do this safely of course) and then Sarah drove back to the bird which was not only still there it also seemed happy to pose for a shortwhile as we were parked up. Got a few half decent portrait shots. Sarah has earned her G&T tonight (for the buzzard not the hand warmer).

Probably the last phlog until 2013 so Happy to New Year to all.

Canon 7D, Canon 500mm f4 IS, 1/160, ISO 1250