There are a huge number of starlings at this time. Sarah and I have been back and forth over the weekend (ie I have dragged her down every day*) and the display is very, very impressive in terms of the numbers. Today promised a lot with the prospect of a decent sunset (which it was but not enough cloud to light up the sky) and a warm(ish) day but after a relatively brief display the birds went for cover quite quickly. This is a photograph from a previous visit rather than todays (still processing). I have also updated my facebook page with a short piece about the aurasma(TM) software for smart phones that is clever and cool too. Given my lagtime I suspect I am the last person in the galaxy to discover this software but I have at least managed to add an "aura" to my business card image. More on the facebook page.

*This costs me a lot in terms of Gin forfeits and to be fair Sarah dutifully downs the forfeits. Saturday's was bit too strong I am told but God bless her, she struggled on...