New gizmo day today. If you have read my facebook page then you may have seen my excitement about the Aurasma app. The app (for apple and android, free and called Quercus eye) allows you to use your camera to "scan" a picture which then triggers an overlay of video for you to watch. I like this. A lot. If you get the app and register it (free and no need to upload your email address either) you can then select "channels" and subscribe to my channel ("philjonesphotography"). Once done you can the access my auras. The picture of my business card with this phlog will trigger a slideshow of red kites. There are a lot of auras out there to play with (the BBC book Africa, has them) and I guess they will become more common and clever too. I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do - I plan to add more auras triggered from website images and other work too.