Feeding on the wing

Headed up to Nant yr Arian this afternoon for a refresher course with the red kites. It is still cold and the trees are pretty bare still but I guess we will get spring soon enough. There were a good number of kites circling and waiting for the main event (how do they know when the clocks change...?). The crows are more intrusive now and have also learnt to pick up food from the water's surface. The sun made a brief appearance and I managed a short burst of this kite feeding on the wing. Wings have caught the light nicely, talons well visible, wings up, food in beak and a nice glint in the eye. What more could you ask for? Yes, I know, the whole of the right wing in the frame. Back to the drawing board, I guess. I have added a photograph of a kite swooping to grab some food from the water's surface on my facebook page - again, not bad but the wing markers detract. Jonesy boy, you really must try harder! Despite all of this the company was great (Sarah) and her spotting prowess was spot on as was the coffee too!