Ducks in flight

Saturday – a glorious day; warm, bright and spring is starting to happen. I would have leapt out of bed this morning but for the fact that there were road works in Bow Street last evening. At first glance that doesn’t seem to make sense but read on…

Friday evening and it is time to start unwinding and tradition dictates a gin and tonic (Sarah) or (sometimes) a gin martini (me). The road works held me up and Sarah took the lead in making the drinks and it was the best martini I have ever had; as far as I can remember (Friday went a bit hazy after that). I also had a headache this morning and I wonder if the two are connected…

Anyway, we went to Ynyslas and looked for adders with our friend Callum. Didn’t see any there but we did see one on the bog walk later on so a good result.

Afterwards Sarah and I went to Ynys Hir – a lot of activity going on now – the fly catchers are out in abundance as were many other woodland birds. The Canada geese are pretty numerous now too. No egret or heron to be seen today but a small group of Shelduck flew over head. They didn’t line up with the moon that was visible (too much to ask, I guess) but a neat formation.

It could be a great spring.