Cadair Idris

Sarah and I took the Duchess (the campervan) up to Dolgellau over the weekend and stopped en route to walk up to Llyn Cau, Cadair Idris. The car park was packed and there were a lot of people in training for the fell race coming up. Sarah and I discussed whether we should abandon our leisurely walk up to the lake and go for the thrill of the run up and down. In the end we decided to walk (mainly because we couldn't decide who would carry the defibrillator). When I say walk I really mean that we hauled ourselves up the mountain (OK, halfway up the mountain) to the lake. Worth the effort and the lake was wonderful when the sun appeared (as it did from time to time). Loads of frog spawn close by (so spring MUST be coming). On the way up I nearly caused Sarah to have a heart attack by trekking down the ravine to the water flowing through to get this shot. Sarah was frantic with worry which was very touching and as I reappeared she just sobbed "You prat. Next time leave the car keys with me. What if you had fallen? How would I get home?"

Actually, I made up that last bit.

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