Female Redstart

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Female redstart at the nest entrance, Llandre
At the weekend Sarah and I were walking up the hill to the woods distracted by a blue tit coming and going from it's nest box when, from the corner of her eye Sarah saw a bird fly into a hole in the wall. Now a year or two ago we had redstarts there but we didn't see them last year. As we watched we saw and heard the distinctive male redstart and the female with her bright tail delivering grubs to the chicks in the nest. We carefully looked into the hole and saw half a dozen or more yellow beaks pointing upwards and waiting for a meal. I have been back early in the morning to try and get some shots of the parents coming to the nest (two photographs on my facebook page). This photograph was taken this evening when Sarah and I shared a picnic in the woods. I am currying favour after the early morning alarm calls so had brought a Pimms for her. A large glass of wine tonight and I may yet be forgiven...