Chillaxing in the sun, Skomer

July and it is time for Sarah and I to load up the Duchess and head off to Pembrokeshire for a few days. Great scenery and if the sea and wind are OK a trip to Skomer to see the puffins and the other wildlife there. The weather was fabulous (maybe a bit too sunny to balance the blacks and whites but can't complain) and the birds were coming in thick and fast. The puffins often have a beakful of sand eels which the gulls try and pilfer if they can. So plenty of action and the birds are within a few yards of the path as they fly (sometimes closer) so your reflexes need to be at their best. Great day out. The other days were spent chilling out, walking, barbecues. Oh, and a modest amount of alcohol in keeping with medical opinion (mine, that is....;)