Just back from a few days in Llandudoch (St Dogmael's) with family - brother and sister in law were over and myself, Sarah, Pete, Sue and my mother spent a few days chewing the cud and consuming vast quantities of Welsh gin and german beer. Tough times... We visited Cilgerran reserve on a few occasions and it didn't disappoint. Despite the title (Kingfisher Hide - to which some wag has added "LOL") I have seen a kingfisher here only twice; once pretty far away but neatly perched and the second time as a streak of orange and blue shooting across the water. This time we were treated to a heron hunting around the reeds and a kingfisher perching neatly on a branch a short distance away; he didn't graduate to diving and catching fish before returning to the perch but then you can't have everything. Except when it comes to Welsh gin and German beer when you can certainly have more than is sensible...

This is a heron giving a very reasonable reflection in the water's surface with the background greenery adding some colour. The kingfisher is on the Facebook page along with another heron photograph.