Annual seal Pilgrimage

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Mother and pup at the surf line.
It's that time of the year again. Autumn and the atlantic grey seals are pupping on the shingle beaches of west Wales. Last weekend Sarah and I went to Pembrokeshire to see the pups. It was a beautiful day and there were around 20 pups to be seen at various stages of sea-worthiness. One newborn was being heckled by a gull who was after a peck of umbilical cord (must have been tasty because he went back for more). The sounds of the sea and the cries of the pups made for a great spectacle.

A grand day out and the only negative was that I overstayed at the seals and failed to get Sarah to the army surplus store before it closed. She was gutted, as you can imagine, but a generous gin and tonic eased the disappointment....