Castor fiber

The European beaver. The last wild one in Wales, was seen on the Teifi around 500 years ago. The Welsh government is looking at a reintroduction in the near future (Wales being one of the few countries where there is no reintroduction plan) subject to public consultation. I must have underestimated beavers intelligence because I didn't think that they would know not to cross Offa's dyke. Obviously smart rodents...

Anyway, there is a small holding near to here where the owners have an enclosed area with large lake where there are beaver. Each evening at around sunset the beaver emerge and swim around the water, climb out and groom and then make their way to a area where food is left for them. I have been visiting for around 4 months and it is a great place.

As per usual I drag Sarah kicking and screaming there. Not really but as the weather gets colder I am sure that she starts to think "Wow! Another place to freeze while he takes photographs" (think starlings on winter seafront, kites in winter and you get the picture) - and I can't even bribe her with a bag of chips.

Anyway here is Castor fiber in all her glory, having a quiet groom at the water's edge.

Canon 1dx, 500mm f4 lens and maybe a little fill in flash but I can't remember that now!