Submerged Forest at Borth

The submerged forest at Borth. I have put a couple of shot on Facebook too if you want to see some more. The beach was well exposed by the storms and the forest was as well exposed as I have ever seen it before. As per usual I dragged Sarah down to the beach to share in the cold temperatures and overall excitement of the scene. As it happened my sister was visiting and so she gleefully accompanied us (I have taken some artistic license with the word 'gleefully' here). I took a series of shots whilst the ladies walked along the beach drinking the coffee we had bought to keep warm - I derived great pleasure from carrying the empty thermos later... All was well once we returned home and got ourselves around a generous G&T - isn't everything better after a G&T? If you are wondering why the colours look the way they do it is because I have used my infra red modified 5D and then processed to swap the colour channels to get the blue sky back. IR looks great in black and white and without the swap but I preferred this look for these photographs.