Cantre'r Gwaelod revisited

A bit hit and miss weather wise this weekend but there was a partcularly low tide and so I went to the beach at Borth to see how much of the forest was exposed. There is a lot of heavy work going on along tne beach at the moment and I think this will have an effect on how the stumps are exposed in the future. Anyway a good expanse was visible as the tide receded and I was able to play with both infra red and long exposure modes. It can be quite good fun to be actually taking the shot when someone stands in front to ask what you are doing! At other times it is just infuriating. This shot is infra red and slow shutter speed. You may wonder where the bag of chips for Sarah features in this story. Well, sadly to say, it doesn't. As I was on the beach playing with my lenses, Sarah was at the local church. This was not a visit to redeem her soul but she was stewarding the art display which is a part of the Ceredigion Art Trail. If you haven't visited any of the participating sites then there is still a week to go. There is some fabulous local art work out there to be seen. My penitence for leaving Sarah on her own is to ferry the G&T's in an attempt to win a pardon...

There is a new image in the Submerged Forest gallery which was posted on facebook on Sunday - the ghosts of Cantre'r Gwaelod. All the photographs in this gallery are now available to buy from Printers Inc online. - simply click the "buy this print " link to see the options available.