Cregennan Lake - infra red and black and white

Another great day weather wise and Sarah and I headed up to Cregennan Lake. This is a wonderful little part of the world - a stunning lake surrounded by mountains. The heather and gorse was still out in force and the colours were amazing (colour photograph from today on my Facebook page). I have been experimenting with an infra red converted 5d for some time now. With careful developing in Lightroom a range of different appearances can be achieved. Here I have simply converted the infra red raw file to black and white (after adjusting for colour temperature of course). As you cam imagine Sarah is thrilled by the fact that I now take twice as long as usual to take photographs - one in colour then one in IR. If I get my 10 stop filter out (exposures taking 2 plus minutes each) then I know I am pushing my luck. Not really, she is very supportive (see Facebook entry from yesterday for an alternative meaning!). Back home in time for a gin and tonic so all was well in the end.