Sunset, Starlings and Spectators

Firstly an apology. I have been very remiss in updating my Phlog - mainly because I use Facebook (yes, dear reader, I have turned to the Dark Side) which is so convenient and so many people can access it more easily. So my apologies. The starlings are again capturing my free time when the light is right, the skies are clearish and the sun is setting. This evening was a particularly beautiful sunset with wonderful purples and cool blues spreading across the sky. As is becoming more and more popular a crowd has gathered along the prom and the jetty to watch the birds perform before heading for the roost beneath the pier. A wide angle lens to capture the pier, the birds and the spectators. But at the end of the day this is all about that sky, isn't it? I have added more photographs to the starling and submerged forest gallery and added a new gallery of fun stuff.