Its been another good year for woodpeckers in the village. We found two nests this year - the squawking of the chicks gives them away! One is pretty shaded by overhanging branches but the other is in a good spot to get some clear views of the adults coming and going. I suspect that the chicks will be out of the nest in the next day or so. They first started appearing at the hole around the 24th - before that the adults were simply passing the beakful of grubs and caterpillars down into the tree for the chicks to take; then the beaks started to be seen at the hole and now they little ones are leaning right out of the hole looking around and chirping loudly when they see the adults. All great fun to watch and listen to. I posted a short video on my facebook page of adults feeding the chicks - if you haven't seen it then it is worth a look (or at least I think it is worth a look!). This one from today with the adult male (with the red feathers on the back of it's head) about to pass a juicy load of bugs to the chick leaning out of the nest. A photograph of a female redstart with bugs for her chicks on the facebook page today and my Twitter posts have all been associated with the theme of water for #watermay.