Reflection Hide

The reflection hide is a purpose built hide comfortably seating two photographers. The windows open at the level of a shallow, purpose built pool that extends some five metres from the hide. This allows superb reflection photography in still weather. The feeders are kept filled all year round and attract smaller woodland/garden birds. There is a shelf at the far end of the pool on which branches, rocks or other items can be arranged to add to the reflection. Hiding seed within the setting will attract the birds to the right area to get the photograph you want. The hanging feeders are at a suitable height to set up perching sticks for non-reflection photography. There are two 500W LED light panels to assist in low light (anti-flicker function is needed on your camera to get consistent exposures) and several neutral grey areas to allow for colour correction shots for post-processing as needed. Regular visitors include blue, great and coal tit, nuthatch, siskin, bullfinch, marsh tit and chaffinch. Jay, magpie, woodpecker are occasional visitors.

You can see some examples of photographs taken from the reflection hide in the reflection hide gallery.