Pond Hide

This was the first hide built to overlook one of the ponds and also take advantage of the proximity of the tree line alongside the river and the more open area to attract smaller and larger birds into a well (naturally) lit area for photography. The hide has fourteen windows arranged in seven upper/lower stations to allow for different perspectives. Most photography is done seated however. The feeding areas include sets for smaller birds, a stump to attract corvids (autumn/winter only) and a selection of branches that can take suet logs to attract woodpeckers. A deep shelf runs around the inside of the hide to accommodate a bean bag or hide clamp (the shelf is 5cm deep). Scrim covers each window and additional black netting can be hung inside the hide which may be useful for larger birds (corvids) which are more easily alarmed. Regular visitors include woodpecker, jay, jackdaw, magpie, bullfinch, sparrow, blue- great- and coal tit, dunnock, siskin, goldfinch, nuthatch and chaffinch. Long-tailed tit, starling and marsh tit are less frequent visitors. The hide overlooks the main pond which has had (as of early 2020) occasional visits from heron and kingfisher - as the pond life increases (invertebrate and fish) it is anticipated these visits will become more frequent.

You can see examples of photographs from the Pond Hide in the Ponds Hide gallery.