Welcome to my website.

I have made substantial changes to the layout which now has a greater emphasis on the hides I have built at Tangarreg Pools. Photographs are arranged in two galleries - 'Home' which are all from Tangarreg Pools and 'Away' which are from anywhere else in the world.

The Tangarreg Pools section gives an overview of the facilities here and the Resources section has some downloadable pdf files about the hides. I have also included some videos demonstrating access to the hides and the field pond since several clients have asked about the terrain around the hides; I hope the videos will provide useful information.

Please see the Tangarreg Pools section for information regarding renting the hides.

Facebook remains a useful place for me to quickly upload new work so please check out my page (link below) and if you like my work then please feel free to share the posts.

A gallery of landscape photography was added in June 2022 along with a video clip gallery to watch some short clips of activity at the hides and around the ponds.

If you would like a print of any of the photographs on this site then please contact me via the contact page. Prints on A3+ glossy paper with archival inks cost £50 excluding P&P. Contact me for a larger size if need be.

Phil Jones
October 2023

All work on this site is copyright so please don't reuse without permission, thank you.

Stock photography by Philip Jones at Alamy